About Common Ground

Beginning as a program under Columbia Opportunities in Hudson, NY, in the 1980s, Common Ground Dispute Resolution, Inc., incorporated as its own 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.  Operating under contract with New York State Unified Court System, Common Ground works to provide dispute resolution services to the communities of Greene and Columbia Counties.


Common Ground is part of a statewide network of mediation centers, established under Article 21(A) of the New York State Judiciary Law.  Among other provisions, Article 21(A) ensures that the entire mediation process remains confidential.


The organization provides trained mediators who work to resolve the differences between two or more participants on issues including family, housing, business, workplace, school, and neighbor disputes.  Any areements reached are mutually satisfactory and may be made legally binding and court enforceable.


The mediation process is informal, private, confidential, and completely voluntary.

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