Board of Directors

Dedicated to the Mission of Common Ground, we are fortunate to receive guidance and stewardship from a committed volunteer Board of Directors.  Each Director brings his or her expertise and abilities to move the agency forward.

Board of Directors 2022/2023

Cleveland Samuels, President

Perry Ascher, Treasurer                                   Nancy Ursprung

Robert Werner  

Rev. Darwin Abraham

Jacqueline Dunn

The Mission of Common Ground:

Provide the residents of Greene and Columbia Counties with an efficient way of resolving disputes.

The goals of Common Ground:

 1) to serve the community as a resource in resolving disputes;

(2) to train, develop and maintain a panel of certified volunteer mediators; 

(3) to assist in the resolution of civil, appropriate criminal, family and restitution issues;

(4) to provide opportunities for individuals to learn effective problem-solving skills.