Agricultural Mediation

Common Ground is proud to be working with the New York State Agricultural Mediation Program (NYSAMP) to offer Agricultural Mediation to Columbia and Greene Counties.


Agricultural Mediation is a confidential and convenient tool that can be used by farmers, agribusinesses, and anyone in the agricultural community as a way to talk about difficult subjects.  Mediation offers the opportunity to reach fair and workable solutions without having to involve outside entities.  Not only does mediation help solve problems and avoid escalating conflict, but it also saves you time, money, and stress!





Agricultural mediation has helped resolve problems of all sizes for farms of all sizes, including:

 *  Loans or debts

 *  Right to farm complaints

 *  Neighbor complaints

 *  Labor problems

 *  Landlord / tenant

 *  USDA appeals


Mediation is also useful to farm families facing difficulties or planning needs involving:

 *  Custody and visitation (parenting plans)

 *  Separation and divorce

 *  Siblings / in–law out–law

 *  Finance and business planning

 *  Elder care and planning

 *  Unpaid bills / loan restructuring

 *  Small claims and credit

 *  Family farm succession and transfer

The mediator's job is to remain neutral while helping both parties to communicate clealy, figure out what each really wants, and negotiate effectively.  Mediation helps people clear up misunderstandings and find new options.  Because mediation puts the power in the hands of the parties, more creative solutions can be explored than those available through the court system.  Mediation is a great way to help preserve important business and personal relationships-- more than 80% of agricultural mediations result in agreements.


Mediators do not offer legal advice.

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