Community Mediation









Community mediation offers constructive processes for resolving differences and conflicts between individuals, groups, and organizations.  It is an alternative to avoidance, destructive confrontation, prolonged litigation or violence. It gives people in conflict an opportunity to take responsibility for the resolution of their dispute and control of the outcome. Community Mediation is designed to preserve individual interests while strengthening relationships and building connections between people and groups, and to create processes that make communities work for all of us.

Who Can Refer People to Mediation?

What Issues Can Be Mediated?

· Judges.

· Individuals.

· Friends.

· Families.

· Schools.

· Neighbors.

· Law Enforcement Agencies.

· Court Personnel.

· Attorneys.

· Public & Private Agencies.

· Clergy.

· District Attorneys.



You don't need "a referral" for mediation -- simply send us an email give us a call, or stop by our office.

· Assault.

· Breach of Contract.

· Consumer/Merchant Disputes.

· Employer/Employee Disputes.

· Family Problems.

· Bad Checks.

· Harassment.

· Interpersonal Disputes.

· Neighbor/Neighbor Disputes.

· Small Claims.

· Noise.

· Landlord/Tenant Disputes.

· School Problems (Fights,
  Truancy, Behavior Issues).

· Selected Felonies.

· Restitution for Damages.

· Custody/Visitation.


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