Elder Mediation

Which Situations May Be Mediated?

     *  Disputes among adult siblings
     *  Financial decisions
     *  Residence decisions involving assisted living, in-home care, etc.

     *  Respite care
     *  Estate planning (with the assistance of a financial consultant or an elder care attorney
     *  Legal decisions, such as Guardianship, Powers of Attorney, etc.
     *  Safety conversations, such as: " Should Mom be driving?", "Who makes decisions now?"
     *  Inheritance disputes
     *  Medical treatment decisions
     *  Insurance decisions​

     *  Religious/spiritual considerations


Supporting families while they make important decisions regarding the care and safety of their aging parents is not the only way mediation can help.  Seniors and their families may also request mediation to address housing, landlord and neighbor disputes. 


Mediation has been successful in brining parties to the table to confront financial exploitation, or forms of elder abuse. 

During the Elder Mediation process, staff from Common Ground will talk individualy to family members, including the elder person and/or their care-giver, to determine whether or not mediation is appropriate for your situation.  Once this is completed, the mediator will schedule a session for all parties involved to meet together.  Teleconferencing is also possible for families living far apart.  During the session itself, each party will have a chance to talk about what matters most to them.  The mediator encourages each party to explore solutions to reach an agreement that everyone can live with.  If an agreement is reached, the mediator will put it in writing.  It is up to the parties to carry out the terms of the agreement. 

Elder Mediation is a specialized field of mediation that focuses on conflicts which arise in the context of aging.  It encourages and promotes direct communication among the disputing parties, and seeks to create an environment where all participants have an opportunity to speak and be heard and work together to resolve issues.  It is a holistic approach to decision-making.

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