Family Mediation


Family Mediation is a process that will help you and your child talk to each  other.


A mediator is a neutral person who does not take sides or make decisions for you.


You will meet with your mediator at least two times so that you can develop a better understanding of the problem.  Your mediation will be confidential— between you and your child.


At the end of each mediation session, you will create an agreement that you both will work to keep.  Each time you meet, you will review your agreement to figure out what needs to be added or changed; or if the agreement is good the way it is.


The decision is in your hands.



What Is It?


Why Does It Work?

Research shows that mediation:


 *  Addresses the true nature of the
     problem, not just troubling


 *  Keeps you focused by working on
     one problem at a time.

 *  Encourages you to support each

 *  Motivates families to share in the
     problem and its solution.

 *  Teaches parents and children
     how to become partners in
     problem solving.

It Helps You:

 *  Communicate effectively and

 *  Learn to listen to each other.

 *  Learn how to solve conflict    
     together as a family.

 *  Avoid out of home placement of
     the child.

 *  Address the “bigger” picture, not
     just the presenting problem.

Mediation Facts


 *  Mediated solutions are often more effective than those reached in court.

 *  The deep bond between families motivates you to try to solve the problem.

 *  Families are often the best candidates for mediation  because of this strong bond.

The biggest motivator is keeping the family unit together.



Mediation is:

· Neutral.

· Voluntary.

· Driven by the parties.

· Eases Communication.

· Empowering.

· Confidential.

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