Frequently asked questions

What is mediation?

Mediation is a private, confidential and voluntary meeting between two or more people who are involved in a conflict. Mediations are facilitated by a neutral, specially trained person called a "mediator."

How long do mediations take?

Mediations take time, but not as much time as going to court. Usually, mediations take about two hours. If you do not solve your problem or come to an agreement during that time, you can schedule subsequent mediation sessions with your mediator.

How much does mediation cost?

Mediations cost $25 per person per mediation. If you cannot pay due to financial hardship, we will ask you to complete a Waiver and your session will be free. Payment is expected before your mediation date is scheduled. To pay for mediation services, go to the "Donate" page and click the Paypal button. Cancellations less than 48 hours prior to your mediation will result in forfeiture of your payment. We appreciate your cooperation! Thank you!

If the other party refuses to mediate, what can I do?

If the other party refuses to mediate, you can come to Common Ground for a Conflict Coaching Session. Conflict coaching is a one on one meeting with a trained conflict coach who helps you problem solve about your conflict with the other person. The sessions cost $25 per session. Each session can take between one to two hours. Pay for your coaching session by going on to the "Home" page and clicking the Paypal button!

What happens after the mediation?

If you reach an Agreement, your mediator will put it into a written document for each of you to sign. Please bring your Agrement to Court if your mediation was referred by the Court, and the Judge will incorporate it into the Court Record. Common Ground will send a copy of your Agreement also to the Judge, your lawyer (if you have one) and your child's Attorney.

Does Common Ground provide child care?

No! We're sorry, but Common Ground does not provide child care. Please DO NOT bring your child to your mediation or conflict coaching session, even if the child you are bringing is not the subject-child of the mediation. Mediation topics, especially child custody, are not apprpriate subjects to discuss in a child's presence. If you do bring your child to your session, you will not be able to mediate at that time and we will need to reschedule your mediation session. We hope you understand and appreciate your cooperation. Thank you!

How long will it take to schedule my mediation?

It takes about two weeks to schedule your mediation after we have spoken with all of the people involved in your conflict.