Mediation services are offered at no or low cost to the community.  However, as we are a small not-for-profit with limited funding, we may assess a small administrative fee of $25.00  to be paid prior to your mediation session.  This fee helps us to cover administration costs for things such as postage, phone calls, paper, and other expenses necessary in setting up your mediation.  We may waive the fee in some circumstances. Please call us for more information..  PLEASE NOTE:  FEES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE WITH LESS THAN A 48 HOUR NOTICE TO THE AGENCY. REFUNDS ON CREDIT CARDS SUBJECT TO A HANDLING FEE. 

Forever Parents
The cost for this 5-hour class is a one-time payment of $80.00 and covers class materials and handouts, instructor payment, and other class incendentals.  This fee is due one week prior to your registered class date. PLEASE NOTE:  FEES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE WITH LESS THAN A 48 HOUR NOTICE TO THE AGENCY.  REFUNDS ON CREDIT CARDS ARE SUBJECT TO A HANDLING FEE.

Elder Mediation
Due to the fact that Elder Mediation involves a much more in-depth intake process and is generally more complicated than standard mediations, sometimes necessitating the involvement of outside experts, fees for this type of mediation will vary.  Basic Elder Mediations begin at $25 per party, but more involved cases can reach $50 an hour.  Please contact our office for a quote appropriate to your situation.

Trainings & Consultations
Because trainings are tailored to the individual needs of our clients, please contact our Executive Director, Dawn Wallant, at 518.943.0523, ext. 100, to discuss your expectations and needs,  and we will create a training program that will meet your goals and your budget.

Making Your Payment:

We accept the following forms of payment:


Cash (in office only)


Check (in office or via mail)


Credit Card (in office or via phone)


Money Order (in office or via mail)

New - Pay Online!

You can now pay for your mediation administration fee or Forever Parents Classes Fees through our PayPal Account.

* If you are unable to afford your mediation or Forever Parents administrative fee, please contact our office to discuss a sliding scale payment based on income. You may request a Waiver if you are unable to pay.