Preparing for Mediation


The mediation you have scheduled is a unique opportunity for you and the other party to have a productive conversation, which can result in decisions that satisfy everyone.  Mediation is a self-directed process and the content of your discussion, and any decisions or agreements you may reach, originate with each of you!  Mediation is empowering, where everyone is heard and respected. 


Mediation Tips

Focus on the issues.  Separate the people from the issues so that you can concentrate on negotiating and solving the problems and avoid wasting time attempting to control each other.

Be as honest as you can be with each other.  Speak from your heart. Listen with your heart. Be honest about what you need, what you want and what concerns you most.  

Focus on the future for solutions that satisfy the needs of everyone involved.  Use your experience from the past to avoid what will not work for you and to create realistic solutions that will work for you.  Look for plans that will benefit you both.


Be civil.  Name-calling and insults are not helpful or productive.   Be respectful. Be open.  Be forward-thinking.  Try to understand where the other party is coming from.  

Relax.  Take a breath.  Keep the big picture in mind.  There is time for everyone to be heard.  Be as ready to listen as you are to speak.