Raise the Age/PINS Diversion Mediation
Restorative Justice Practices

Click the link below for the Raise the Age/PINS Mediation Brochure.

We offer a broad spectrum of dispute resolution processes to help address a variety of matters within the juvenile justice system:


Mediation – collaborative dispute resolution process using conversation to help people resolve a variety of conflicts.  It has been used across a broad spectrum of juvenile justice matters.


  • In Schools:  Peer mediation, restorative circles and conflict coaching. 

  • Studies:  Improved attendance rates; improved school climate; increased graduation rates.


  • Pre-Pins Diversion:

  • Data: When applied in cooperation with probation and other services, studies show an increase across 10 variables of family functioning.

  • Data: Studies reported mediated cases were 5 times less likely to result in judicial action; and 10 times less likely to result in supervised probation

  • Misdemeanor crimes: diversionary service and adjustment services – restorative circles, conflict coaching.  Juveniles take responsibility for their crimes, empathy, and repair of harm. Meta studies show decrease in recidivism, decrease in drug, alcohol or violent related crimes.

  • Re-Entry Services; application along the reentry continuum: mediation, restorative circles, conflict coaching; reduced recidivism; easier transition into community and family.

  • Restorative Justice:  RJ is a dialogue-based process where parties convene to specifically address a harm or crime done.  The purpose is for the offender to take responsibility for the crime, repair harm and restore relationships.