Conflict Coaching


Conflict coaching is described as developing a set of skills and strategies to manage conflict.  A trained conflict coach works one-on-one with an individual to talk about the conflict, consider options to the conflict and to design a strategy or approach to discuss the conflict with the other person. 


How can conflict coaching be used?


Conflict coaching can be helpful in a variety of situations—workplace conflict, divorce or post-divorce disputes, family or community disputes. The conflict coach acts as a listener and helps you see things from all perspectives, clarify your options and help you determine a plan of action to manage our conflict or dispute.  

How long does it take??


Plan on meeting for about one and a half hours each time you meet, until you're satsified with your decision and feeling confident about the situation.   


Usually, you meet weekly, with your coach, who will assign you "homework" until you meet again. 

How much does it cost?


Coaching fees are based on a sliding scale. Common Ground charges $50.00 per hour, but, depending upon your financial cirucmstances, it may be less.