Training & Consultation Services

Conflict is defined as a difference of wants, needs, or expectations, and it's a normal part of workplace life.  However, conflict costs your company money!  A study of U.S. employees found that in 2008, 85% of employees, at all levels, experience conflict to some degree, with the average employee spending 2.8 hours a week dealing with conflict.  This amounts to 385 million working days, or $359 billion in paid hours*


Common Ground is the premier organization for mediation and conflict resolution programs serving Columbia and Greene Counties.  All of our mediators and instructors are professionals who  have been certified under strict NYS guidelines and re-certified on an annual basis.


Our workshops are designed to incorporate both the practical andd the theoretical in conflict

resolution to create a cooperative and supportive work environment.  Minimum workshop

length is 2/5 hours, but courses may go up to as many as thirty-five hours, depending on

your company's needs.  All courses are interactive in nature and include an array of activities

and materials.


The cost of the workshop will depend on its length and the number of participants involved. 

Each workshop is tailored to meet the needs of your company and employees.  Our instructors

will work with you and your team to design a unique program of services, ranging from

pre-training assessment to the delivery of the workshop program.


Additionally, we provide consultation and follow-up services post-training.


Special discounts given to schools and not-for-profit organizations


Did You Know...

   *  High turnover of unhappy staff costs your company   
      re-training time, reduces company profits and productivity.


   *  Happy employees are more productive and have highter
      attendance rates.


   *  In-house programs save company time and resources.


   *  Working in a safe, supportive environment is good for
      everyone's physical and mental health.

Why Provide Conflict Resolution
for Your Organization?


Workshop Topics Include:



   *  Understanding the Roots of Conflict;


   *  Communication Skills;


   *  Bias Awareness;


   *  Managing Perceived Inequities;


   *  Understanding Opposing Views;


   *  Creative Problem Solving.

Learn how our prejudices and implicit biases limit our vision & possibilities!